Monday, March 27, 2017

Find Your Miracle

Jesus worked miracles. Jesus still works miracles. Which is good. Because we all, at some point, need a miracle. Find Your Miracle considers nine miracles of Jesus, expounding on them for all who desperately need a miracle of their own. 

Kerry and Chris Shook take these ancient occurrences and apply them to our lives. They identify the miracles of Jesus the Miracle Worker in four dimensions: the Healer, the Provider, the Storm Chaser, and the Life Giver.

Rather than running from our overwhelming situations, the authors encourage us to steady ourselves and trust Jesus to work in our lives the way He worked in the lives of those in the miracles they cover in the book.

Do you have an impossible situation? Don't give up...LOOK UP...and you may just Find Your Miracle! Get started by reading this book!