Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lazarus Awakening

In the third book of a three-book series, Joanna Weaver encourages us to look at our relationship with God in a different way. It is not about keeping rules, fulfilling obligations, or living by the law. The basis of our relationship with God is LOVE. 

Jesus loved Lazarus. Jesus loves you. And just as He called Lazarus to new life (physically), He is calling each of us (spiritually) to walk in a new reality in our relationship with Him. 

As in any relationship, you will not understand having to go through what you will go through. Neither will you understand the delays, decisions, and disappointments you will experience along the way. You will not understand God's action...or inaction, at times. But the author encourages us to do one thing in order to persevere through the perplexity of it all: Embrace God's Love For You!

You should really give this book a try! You will hear your name being called - out of the tombs, out of the grave clothes, and INTO the light of the Lord's love.