Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Finding Your Way Back To God - DVD

This review is for the DVD that accompanies the book by Dave and Jon Ferguson. It is a tough review, because I have not read the book, which I am sure one should do. 

However, in watching the videos on this disc, the viewer is led systematically through the process (or the steps) of "finding your way back to God." This, of course, is what Christianity and the Great Commission is all about - helping people connect or reconnect (countless times) to God. 

The testimonials and commentary on this DVD are like laying brick upon brick in building a house of restoration for those who have seemingly drifted - or intentionally turned away - from God. 

You can absolutely find your way back to God - and this DVD study is a GREAT asset to help you along the way! 

I was given this DVD free of charge for an honest review.