Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Divine Applause

The only way anyone can really know the "invisible God" is if God decides to reveal Himself to mankind. Of course He revealed Himself ultimately in and through His Son, Jesus Christ. But today, in the lives of individuals, God continues to reveal himself in little and not so little ways, as well as in subtle and not so subtle ways.
This is the basic premise of Jeff Anderson's book, "Divine Applause." God is constantly revealing Himself to us in countless ways - if we will only "see" and "hear" Him. Knowing, seeing, and hearing God is within reach of every believer...anyone and everyone can achieve it. 

In a very practical way, the author talks about what it is to walk beside the Lord...and really, to have the Lord walk beside us! God is not just sitting on the sidelines of our life watching it unfold. He is involved. He is cheering us on. He applauds us. These are just some of the things you will discover while reading, "Divine Applause."

I was given this book for free by the publisher for an honest review.